It’s so close!

Well, we’ve been busy working hard at the house but now we’re heading for the finishing straights with our home!

We have the internal doors in and colour on all the walls. We opted for a white to give the house a fresh and clean feel. Our flooring is going down as I write this.

Our walls are painted! 

The garden is almost complete with a slate patio and a lawned area, I can just imagine us here in the summer with friends and a barbecue.

In our last update we were choosing the colour for the garage. We went for a sage green to blend in with the garden.

Our new garage and patio
Our new patio with the garage behind

The front garden and driveway is being graded and a low front wall has been built by the team at Beattie Passive.

The most exciting part is happening in the next few weeks. The kitchen is going in! I can’t wait as it will start the process of pulling the house together and make it feel so much more like a home.

Isabel Badger




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