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Beattie Passive takes Passivhaus to new levels. Combining its award winning, patented design and build system along with expert knowledge, we offer the only true, certified Passivhaus Complete Build System (not just standards) in the UK. This combined with robust testing provides you with the peace of mind that your high performance home will have a superior build quality and living environment.
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TCosy™ Retrofit – Solihull Community Housing

Retrofit – Solihull Community Housing Beattie Passive has delivered an innovative project for Solihull Community Housing in the Midlands using its patented Retrofit solution TCosy™ which provides a fast, low cost and highly replicable solution for a wide range of buildings. The TCosy™ dramatically reduces energy requirements, creates a healthier living environment and can be … Continue reading TCosy™ Retrofit – Solihull Community Housing

From A to B – Just how long does a self-build take?

The dream may have taken years to formulate, another room here, another balcony there, and readjust a hundred times to be a perfect vision. But just how long does it take to turn into reality? Naturally there are many elements to building a home and any one of these can influence the timeline, in small … Continue reading From A to B – Just how long does a self-build take?

Self Builders are Driving Innovation

As the demand for both energy and build efficiency marches onwards, the underlying positive is that it drives innovation, not just in the range of products available but also in construction methods and new ideas. And savvy self-builders are to thank for this! Two of the most recent trends of innovation that are shaking up … Continue reading Self Builders are Driving Innovation

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