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Beattie Passive takes Passivhaus to new levels. Combining its award winning, patented design and build system along with expert knowledge, we offer the only true, certified Passivhaus Complete Build System (not just standards) in the UK. This combined with robust testing provides you with the peace of mind that your high performance home will have a superior build quality and living environment.
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Myths and Legends

Passivhaus – Is Truth Stranger than Fiction? From notions of windows welded shut and huge build costs, there are many Passivhaus myths circulating so we wanted to separate fact from fiction. Passivhaus buildings are boxy: When the standard was first introduced many of the original buildings were angular and rather similar in style. However, today … Continue reading Myths and Legends

Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row

  With the growth of the Self-Build and Custom Build market and the subsequent need for self /custom build mortgages, more Lending Institutions are joining the party and are positive in the way they are embracing this growing trend. However, as with applying for any mortgage, all lending is subject to affordable and responsible lending … Continue reading Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row

Smart Investment Makes For Long Term Performance

Smart investment for long term performance For any self build project it’s vital to meticulously plan and budget for every element within the three key areas of design, materials and installation, to ensure your home is just what it should be, both now and in the future. Design Every element should be checked and double … Continue reading Smart Investment Makes For Long Term Performance

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