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Beattie Passive takes Passivhaus to new levels. Combining its award winning, patented design and build system along with expert knowledge, we offer the only true, certified Passivhaus Complete Build System (not just standards) in the UK. This combined with robust testing provides you with the peace of mind that your high performance home will have a superior build quality and living environment.
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Great Yarmouth TCosy Retrofit – Entry 9

A busy few weeks at the Great Yarmouth Retrofit have seen a number of things come to fruition. 18mm Versapanel has now been installed around all the window reveals throughout the building to enhance fire safety – Having in excess of two hours fire resistance. The aluminium rails have also been completely installed, and the … Continue reading Great Yarmouth TCosy Retrofit – Entry 9

The Toolshed Case Study

Beattie Passive are passionate about skills development and training Training and skills development is central to the delivery of Beattie Passive. The system has been designed so that it is very simple and can be built with semi-skilled labour. Local labour can be sourced and trained locally, which results in both social and economic benefits … Continue reading The Toolshed Case Study

Ever wondered how you can future-proof your self-build home?

This week, Ron Beattie looks at how more and more self-builders are looking to the future when they build their home. In 2017 a consumer survey of 500 self builders, who had either just completed or were about to complete their project, was conducted by Homebuilding & Renovating, which found that the average age of … Continue reading Ever wondered how you can future-proof your self-build home?

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