Have You Joined the Self-Build Revolution?

The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) recently announced that over 33,000 people in the UK have signed up to the Right To Build registers since its inception in April 2016. As the legislation requires that local authorities provide enough serviced-plots for people on their registers within three years of signing up, this figure means that the volume of self build and custom build projects is set to escalate around the country, and fast. I have definitely seen an increase in interest from self builders over the last 2 years, but why is the desire for self build homes on a meteoric rise?



Getting creative

Designing and building your own home from scratch offers an unrivalled chance to create a truly unique building that is completely tailored to your own needs and wants. From underground cinema rooms to a grass covered roof, personality, design styles and quirks know no bounds when it comes to self builds, all subject to planning and the budget of course!

Green, sustainable and energy saving

As well as creating a unique home, the self builders we speak to are all in agreement that a major part of wanting a self build is to create a highly energy efficient home, such as Passivhaus, resulting in minimal utility bills and a low carbon footprint. Combining clever design with good quality building materials such as triple glazing and a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system to ensure a steady flow of clean, fresh air around the home, will make all the difference in the long term efficiency of your home as well as having a healthy living environment to enjoy.

It’s open to everyone

People from all walks of life choose to build their own home, from young couples starting out on the property ladder through to those looking for an easy-to-manage retirement home. There’s no age limit and for those with certain requirements, such as accessibility needs, self build delivers the ideal way to achieve the perfect home that would often be difficult to find on the open market.

Your DIY skills, or any lack thereof, should not be a barrier to the self build dream. Many self builders employ contractors to carry out the actual build leaving them to project manage, while some prefer to pass over the entire process to a professional turnkey service; you can be as hands-on and involved as you like.

Similarly, whilst finance naturally plays an important role in what you can actually have, there are many cost effective ways to incorporate all that you wish for. So it’s not hard to see why over 30,000 people are keen to have the opportunity to create a beautiful and energy efficient home, just the way they want.


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