Smart Investment Makes For Long Term Performance

Ron Beattie

Smart investment for long term performance

For any self build project it’s vital to meticulously plan and budget for every element within the three key areas of design, materials and installation, to ensure your home is just what it should be, both now and in the future.


Every element should be checked and double checked to ensure your home delivers exactly what you envisaged through its design. This means exploring every detail that makes up the structure of the building, to offer you long term quality and performance. eliminating the possible risk of a performance gap in years to come.



When looking at the materials to be used, consider how they will perform over time and the investment in critical elements that will make all the difference. Whilst you may be able to save on interior items such as lighting or kitchen cabinets, when it comes to the foundations and actual structure of the build, every product should be of the highest quality. For example, using natural insulation may look good on paper but if it becomes wet and slumps, you could be faced with a two inch gap causing vital heat loss. Similarly, using a timber frame construction will have small but continuous movement for its entire lifetime so the way this needs to be sealed is essential to avoid any heat loss or an unnecessary drop in energy performance.



Regardless of size, shape and design style of your home and no matter how many top of the range materials and items you purchase from foundation to roof tiles, if they aren’t installed correctly, they will never add the value you expected, and paid for. You may be planning to do the work yourself or employ a company offering a cheaper quote, but in the long run, suppliers are just as important as the materials you use, so taking any shortcuts on installation could cost you dear. Furthermore, once the build is complete, don’t just take your contractor’s word for it…ensure you test your home thoroughly for air tightness and thermal performance so that any potential issues can be addressed immediately as well as eliminating any possible risk of a performance gap.

When it comes to planning your dream home, it pays to invest in a complete quality build that will last a lifetime and give you enjoyment along the way. Passivhaus is considered to be the gold standard of build quality and whilst this comes with committed investment, you can guarantee the performance of your high quality home stays Passivhaus, come rain or shine.



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