Your House, Your Build

Ron Beattie

Boost to Self and Custom Builds

The self and custom build revolution continues to gather pace with new legislation coming into effect on 31st October which marked the commencement in full of The Self-build and Custom House-building Regulations 2016. It is expected that the new legislation will significantly boost the number of self build projects taking place in the UK each year by allowing access to much-needed land to the thousands of keen self builders.

The Regulations mean that within the next three years, local authorities in England are responsible for granting planning permission for sufficient ‘build ready’ plots to meet the demand gathered by the Right to Build Registers. So if you’re interested in either a self or custom build plot in the UK, contact your local authority as the more people are registered, the more plots will be made available!

One of the Coach House styles offered by Beattie Passive for Graven Hill

Is Custom build for you?

A variation to self build, custom build usually involves working with a specialist developer who will provide the plot and services/utilities to the property but the process allows you to have an input in the completion of the property. The scale of which depends on the development and how far along the build process is at the time you become involved. You can often build the majority of the home yourself, work with a builder and project manage the process, or leave it all to a specialist. But the key factor is that the end result is a home that you chose, helped design and had active input at every stage of the process.

Beattie Passive house type at Graven Hill

Custom build sites are growing in number and can be found across the UK; an example is the high profile Custom Build development underway at Graven Hill (Oxfordshire). This site, and others like it, are offering a selection of houses and apartments in carefully and sympathetically designed environments, focusing on high quality and energy efficient homes, local open space, a range of amenities and a real sense of community.

In our region, for those looking at Passivhaus custom build, Beattie Passive is able to offer our custom build Passivhaus properties on four plots in Suffolk available from early 2017. We will be organising an open day in January at one of our current Passivhaus projects in Suffolk and if you’d like to visit and see the project during construction, please contact us.

It’s an exciting time for self and custom builders who will benefit considerably from the legislation in place to provide suitable plots for the growing demand. A new era of house building is most certainly taking shape and will significantly impact the future of property development across the country for years to come.



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