Elisabete’s View

Elisabete and her daughter

We’re here with Elisabete who lives next door to Catherine in Gressel Lane and also had her home retrofitted. Today we are going to ask her how she thought the process went.

Beattie Passive: Good morning Elisabete, how are you today?

Elisabete: I’m good thank you!

Beattie Passive: What was your perception of your home before the retrofit?

Elisabete: Well, before the retrofit my house was cold all the time, even with the heating on! We did not feel comfortable living here in the Winter at all.

Beattie Passive: So, after the retrofit, did your perception change?

Elisabete: Most definitely! We have a great atmosphere in the house now and we don’t need to have the heating on unless it is very cold outside.

Beattie Passive: How would you rate the overall performance of the house now, including comfort and energy use?

Elisabete: The overall performance of the house now is excellent! The house is really warm now and we don’t hear the planes anymore, even though we are under a flight path. We sleep well and are very comfortable. With the MVHR we have fresh air all the time with no mould or bad smells. I can’t ask for more!

Beattie Passive: As the Retrofit was completed while you were still living in the house, how did you find it?

Elisabete: I felt very comfortable. I didn’t have to move out and the workmen didn’t disrupt me much at all.

Beattie Passive: What was the best thing about the project?

Elisabete: Having a warm house and reduced energy bills for sure! Energy is now not lost from the building and I have started to save money already which is very important to us. Also, the fact we basically have a new house with new triple glazed windows, new door new roof and new walls. There are many good things that have happened to us. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. There are so many changes for the better.

Beattie Passive: How about the worst thing?

Elisabete: Nothing! Only little minor things like dust and noise, but what building project doesn’t have that?

Beattie Passive: Are there any matters you wish to tell us about?

Elisabete: I don’t have any problems. Thank you so much for letting me be part of your project. I am so grateful for everything that has been done. I’m so happy to live here now.

Beattie Passive: Thank you for your time Elisabete, we’re glad that you love your new home and hope you enjoy it for years to come.

Elisabete: You’re most welcome.



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