Catherine’s Retrofit

We’re here with Catherine who lives in one of the homes that we retrofitted in Gressel Lane, Birmingham. Today we are going to ask her how she thought the process went.


Catherine’s home before (left) and after the retrofit

Beattie Passive: Good morning Catherine how are you today?

Catherine: Yes, I’m fine thanks.

Beattie Passive: Great! Let’s get into some questions.

Beattie Passive: What was your perception of your home before the retrofit?

Catherine: We used to use the heating a lot and were very cold. The heating didn’t stay in the house for long and we often ended up in the living room with loads of blankets to keep warm.

Beattie Passive: So after the retrofit, did your perception change?

Catherine: We don’t use much heating at all now. The rooms stay warm for much longer. We used to have to top up the gas all the time. Now we don’t. We are much happier living here now.

Beattie Passive: How would you rate the overall performance of the house now, including comfort and energy use?

Catherine: Before the retrofit every room in the house was a different temperature. Now, they are all the same and we have a nice temperature throughout.

Beattie Passive: As the Retrofit was completed while you were still living in the houses, how did you find it?

Catherine: Yes, it was alright. The workmen were always nice and friendly and kept me up to date with what was happening.
Works being done
The works are undertaken with little disruption to the residents

Beattie Passive: What was the best thing about the project?

Catherine: I think the best thing is that the house looks nicer on the outside and it is warmer.

Beattie Passive: How about the worst thing?

Catherine: Nothing at all!

Beattie Passive: Are there any matters you wish to tell us about?

Catherine: No problems whatsoever!

Beattie Passive: Thank you for your time Catherine, we’re glad that you love your new home.

Catherine: Happy to help! People need to know how good this system is.



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