January Event

We held a Retrofit Event in January to provide interested parties with the opportunity to understand more about the Retrofit system. The event started with presentations from Ron Beattie, Managing Director at Beattie Passive and Lubo Jankovic professor from Birmingham City University. Ron Beattie’s presentation provided an overview of the Beattie Passive Retrofit System and its benefits. Lubo Jankovic, who was involved with the project from the start, gave a presentation on Building Physics and Monitoring. Visitors where provided with an opportunity to visit both of our latest completed Retrofit projects a block of six flats in Grandy’s Croft in Solihull and 2 semi-detached homes in Gressel Lane in Birmingham. The event was well attended by over 50 people including those from Housing Associations, Consultants, and Academia.

We hope to hold more events like this soon so you too can come along and see the merits of retrofit.





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