Onsite works have started

Sorry I am a bit late posting this one…

Over the past weeks the site has been transformed! The ground workers arrived to construct the foundations, including a damp proof membrane incorporating a radon barrier which is fitted by Beattie Passive as standard. Radon and the health issues it can cause are not widely known but having researched this it’s a great comfort to know we are protected from any potential problems now and in the future.

The workers then cleared an area ready for the delivery and erection of the Structural Thermal Envelope consisting of the main timber panels we saw being manufactured in the Beattie Passive Factory.

The team then installed the insulated ground floor element (sub structure), consisting of T-beams that sit on top of the block foundation walls over a standard damp proof membrane.  Then on top of the T-beams they used 4×2 timbers and then laid and temporarily fixed oriented strand boarding to create a working deck.

The panels duly arrived and these were put in place starting with the ground floor with a ring beam around the house to support the first floor. The membrane was fitted behind the ring beam to ensure an air tight seal can be made at this important junction and is always carried out at this stage as it will be the only time access is possible during the build process.

Then it was on to the first floor easy joists and flooring followed by fitting the first floor panels. Then they laid the easy joists for the flat roof and lastly, the roof was boarded inside and out.  The whole building was wrapped externally with a breathable membrane, taped and held in place with batons whilst internally, the house was wrapped with an airtight membrane held in place by batons which created the internal service void. So after just 3 weeks, the building is up and completely weather tight


Beattie Passive are starting to have regular open days on site. Please get in touch with them if you would like to book a visit: enquiries@beattiepassive.com

Isabel Badger


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