Insulating the panels onsite and airtightness

After, the team installed the roof and wall panels, they started to insert the Eco-beads which are little insulated beads that are locked into tightly packed honeycomb matrix with a water based adhesive. The job of the beads is that they make our homes warm and comfortable to live in.  By insulating on site one the panels have been put into position, means that these can easily flow all around the new frame and means there are no gaps or joints where heat can escape.



The team fitted airtightness tape around the new windows and doors and penetrations, it is aluminium foil tape providing a vapour seal join. Next, the Wraptite Membrane was sealed onto the insulated panels; it is a barrier that stops unwanted ventilation heat loss. After all jobs were done the team cleared the whole area outside the building.


The week began with team placing timber battens outside the homes onto the wall panels, they are strips of wood (but could be made of other materials such as: metal, plastic or fiberglass,) that are used to fix siding materials such as tile or shingles. The team then, fixed plastic skirting onto the bottom of the wall panels. Finally, they put in the roof tiles which are to block rain and are made from terracotta or slate.

Over the past couple weeks, (while this was happening) the process did not cause any distractions or disruptions. During this time the site manager informed us about the progress of the project, it is all going very smoothly.

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