Erecting the TCosy panels

The team begun by taking down the old porch which they will replace with the new one.  They drilled into the wall to create holes for the Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery system which will help to create a good indoor air quality and a comfortable draught free environment. Following this the Beattie Passive team erected the steel frame which will help to support the new roof and walls panels. During this work, the site manager informed both of us about the work and the progress. He explained to us what they are going to do and kept us updated about the work each day.


MVHR Holes Drilled

dscf1742 img_8520

Steel Frame Erected

After drilling the walls for both houses the team stripped down the roof and installed new timber frames which will support the TCosy panels. As the week neared to the end, we can see the project has moved forward a lot, all the external building area has been tied up and there is no disruption.

img_8547 img_8543

img_6281 img_6279

img_8715 dscf1738

img_8571 img_8572

As the work progressed and the TCosy panels and crane arrived on the site, the team continued working so hard with the preparation of how they will install the panels. They removed all the old windows for both houses which will be replaced with new triple glazed windows. During every step of the installation, they keep us and the neighbors informed about the noise and any disruption. The team installed all Beattie Passive wall panels which came together with triple glazed windows.

At this point, we are so happy because the project is moving forward quickly and we are delighted to be part of it.

img_8464 dscf1788



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