It’s Taking Shape in the Beattie Passive Factory

Although we love the hands-on approach of building and renovation and had considered attending the comprehensive self build course at the Beattie Passive Training Academy, due to our busy working lives in London we thought that the fact that Beattie Passive manufacture the frame at their factory and deliver and erect on site would be perfect for us. Not only would it mean the structure of the house is onsite very quickly, we would also have the assurance and gurantee that our home has been manufactured as designed and achieves the performance of Passivhaus. Beattie Passive also offer a full project management service but we are keen to be as involved as possible even if we weren’t able to build the frame ourselves. So have decided to project manage the rest of the project to completion ourselves – exciting!

It’s all moving at quite a pace! The frame manufacture is well underway and it’s been really exciting to get the chance to visit the factory and see our very own home taking shape. We even helped put together some of the panel sections ourselves (under supervision of course!) so it really feels like a proper self build. It was also special to meet the team working on our home and they enjoyed seeing how interested we were in the whole process.

Beattie Passive img_6026

Image above – Our Panels Ready to be loaded


The frame is almost complete and we are now waiting for it all to arrive on site when it really will start to become a self build reality. Imagine a fully tested and quality assured thermal insulated timber frame structure, complete with windows and doors, arriving on the driveway! We can’t wait.

img_6027 img_6028 img_6029

Isabel and Henry Badger


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