Technical Design – our 3D Modelled House

Taking our design for our four-bedroom house, we met with Gareth, the lead Architectural Technologist at Beattie Passive. Gareth sat down with us and went through all the design details of our new house, including discussing a variety of elements including windows, Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery and hot water provision. This was a really useful meeting as Gareth spent time with us explaining the Beattie Passive design, the technical details of the high performance building system and answering any questions we had.




Following the meeting, Gareth modelled the structural frame based on the architectural design, completed the structural engineering, provided window and door specifications, applied for Building Regulations and liaised with PHPP accessor on specification. We were in regular contact with Gareth as our 3D modelled house was finalised. It was exciting to see the house in 3D for the first time, as it enabled us to see the dimensions of the rooms and the house from different angles. This really bought the house alive.

After final review of the structural designs, the designs were then sent to the factory ready for manufacturing.

3d1 3d2




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