Preparation for Retrofit Panels

As ground work is nearing the end, the team started with finishing the drainage work for Catherine’s house, they installed new pipes for her kitchen and toilet and are moving the old drainage for a new one.

They also finished preparing the external area for both houses where they dug trenches and built the foundations where new outhouses will be. At the end, they cleared the remaining rubble and kept the slabs which they removed from front parking at the safe place. Foundation Brackets have been fixed to our houses these will be used to fix the new panels to the wall.

The project is moving forward and the new Beattie Passive team has arrived, they are very polite to both of us. The explained to us about what are they going to do and keep us informed about the work. They started by installing plastic lining membrane to the outbuildings wall which will help to prevent the damp for both houses. Also, Scaffolding has been installed to the whole outside building to support and help the builders and their work.  At the end of this week all the ground work has been done and we are very happy because most of the structure work has been done for outbuildings and there are not any disruptions.










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