Why we chose Passivhaus?

Having found our perfect plot it all came down to what we were going to build, and how. Having attended many self build shows around the UK, and spent our weekends on the internet, we looked at various different options for construction. The more we researched about energy efficiency, the more we started to lean towards Passivhaus and how this method of construction could provide all the quality and performance we dreamt of, in a style that would suit our pretty Suffolk village. Who wouldn’t want extremely low energy bills, no dust home and consistent temperatures all year round. When you have the chance to build from scratch why not build the best!

Once we were on the road to the Passivhaus way of thinking, we researched and spoke to a number of firms, however the system that proved to be the most flexible for our design and would deliver all the Passivhaus standards we were hoping for, and more, was the Beattie Passive Build System.

The system has certification from the Passivhaus Institute in Germany – one of the few companies in the UK that has this and has delivered many Passivhaus buildings that have all reached the standards required. So this gave us the confidence that our dream of reaching Passivhaus would be delivered.  One of the other key elements beyond Passivhaus that particularly appealed to us was the complete flexibility, there are no restrictions in terms of style, size and design and with no internal structural walls within 6m span, the home will have the ability the evolve over time. As our aim is to sell the home, we want to provide future homeowners with the ability to live in the home the way they want to and not how we envisage. Why doesn’t everyone build like this? We should really be thinking about the future and not just today.

The list goes on for what Beattie Passive deliver beyond just Passivhaus – fire, flood, radon protection, superior sound etc etc…. we can’t wait to experience the finished product.

Isabel and Henry Badger




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