Introduction to our Suffolk Self-Build project

The idea behind building our own home started with a conversation with my grandmother who wanted to help my husband, Henry, and I onto the property ladder. She has lived in the quaint Suffolk village of Chediston for nearly 30 years and her current cottage enjoys a large garden. My grandparents applied for planning permission on the top section of their garden about 20 years ago as a nest egg. Whilst they never had any plans to develop the plot whilst still living in their cottage, as my grandmother is now reaching 90 she is finding the garden too much for her. It seemed a logical solution to build a house together. She would much prefer to do the project with us, where we all have input into the style of house, rather than sell the land to a developer.

Myself and my siblings have spent many a summer in Suffolk enjoying the countryside and the coast which is just 20 minutes away, so it seemed a perfect spot to build a new home.

Nearly a year of research, attending homebuilding events (including the Home Building and Renovating Show, Build It, and NSBRC) across the country, and many hours spent in coffee shops pouring over self-build and lifestyle magazines led us to the beginning of our self-build adventure. Over the next 6 months or so, the project team (myself, Henry and Grandma) will share our self-build journey through regular blog updates. Providing an insight into the build system, the process, the complications and issues which we may stubble across and the end result.

Can’t wait to get started!

Isabel and Henry Badger




2 thoughts on “Introduction to our Suffolk Self-Build project

  1. Of course, we actually have an open day at the site on Wednesday 14th December and Friday 27th January – if you would be interested in attending one of these please let us know or we would be happy to arrange an alternative date. I believe you also attended our Open Day at Waxham in August, feel free to liaise directly with Lee regarding a suitable time or email We look forward to seeing you.


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