First week – preparing the homes for retrofit

The project begun on Monday 26th September at 8am, we communicated very well with the contractor and his team. They let us know about the work and what needs to be done for the week. They are very nice and polite to all of us and they helped Catherine to remove all of her unwanted stuff before they begun the work.

They started with clearing the external area of our homes then dug trenches around the building. Our utilities were located and drainage is currently being moved outside of the where the TCosy will be. Both of our outbuildings have been demolished and rubble being carted away. It is great that the outbuildings are being replaced as they are so damp and cold – not a nice space at all to use.  As well as this the electrics were made safe in the outbuilding and building surveyed for future electric installation. All in all a busy week.

I found the whole process not difficult for us as most of work has been done outside the house and doesn’t affect our daily life routine and now I am very happy that the project is moving forward. Not long to a new home!


img_8129 img_8136  img_8138 1


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